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How an SXS Exhaust Is Made

How an SXS Exhaust Is Made

The right exhaust can make any internal combustion vehicle even more fun. By changing everything from the noise to the performance, the exhaust is an essential part of most vehicles. For side-by-sides, upgrading your exhaust to an aftermarket alternative can be a great idea. Before you do this, it can help to understand how SXS exhaust systems work.

How Its Made

There are a few main components of an exhaust on an SXS UTV. There are the exhaust headers that attach to the engine. On some setups, these are called an exhaust manifold (with a manifold, all the cylinders vent into a single pipe whereas there is one header per cylinder). This connects to the mid-pipe section. That connects to a muffler and exhaust tip.

Unlike cars and trucks, UTVs and ATVs do not typically have catalytic converters in their exhaust setups. On larger vehicles, this component helps to reduce the harmful emissions by converting them to inert alternatives.

What SXS Parts and Accessories Are Worth Upgrading

Depending on what you want to achieve with your exhaust upgrade, you may consider buying different SXS parts and accessories. The most common upgrade is with a slip-on muffler. This changes the muffler and the exhaust tip. Making this upgrade will primarily affect the sound of the engine. While this may sound trivial, sound has a huge impact on the experience of riding your SXS.

There can be small performance upgrades from slip-on exhaust parts. However, the muffler is not usually the main bottleneck. So, don’t expect anything dramatic performance-wise.

Doing a full exhaust upgrade will include changing the headers and mid-pipe section. This is likely to help you to achieve a modest improvement in horsepower because the exhaust gasses will escape from the engine more easily.

However, a full exhaust system is a bigger upgrade than a slip-on. So, make sure you know what you are getting into before you get started.

Top 5 SXS Exhaust Systems

There are a few great SXS exhaust systems on the market. The following are five of the best-rated options available:

  • FMF Racing PowerCore 4 Spark Arrestor Slip-On: This lightweight part will help you save several pounds. It offers great performance and an enjoyable sound.
  • Trinity Racing Stage 5 Single Exhaust System: If you are looking for a more serious upgrade, this is a great choice. It includes everything you need to save weight and improve exhaust flow.
  • Big Gun EVO Sport Utility Slip-on: This slip-on exhaust has earned its name “Big Gun.” It offers serious sounds while still complying with the law.
  • Flowmaster Performance Exhaust System: This system offers extra performance with bolt-on simplicity.
  • HMF Engineering Performance Series Slip-On: This series of slip-on exhausts has set the standard for value and performance. You’ll love the deep, aggressive sound.

Work on Your Side-by-Side Today

Get started working on your side-by-side UTV today. With an upgraded exhaust, you can enjoy an amazing sound and greater performance. Consider some other upgrades such as new SXS tires as well. You’ll be loving your UTV even more once you have done some work on it.

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