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4 Fall Indoor Air Quality Problems & How to Fix Them

4 Fall Indoor Air Quality Problems & How to Fix Them

As the seasons change during the year, the quality of the air changes along with it. 

This is why spring is also known as “allergy season” to many people because the air starts to contain more allergens and irritants as nature blooms. When outdoor air quality changes, it also affects the air quality indoors.

Spring isn’t the only season that poses a risk to indoor air quality. Did you know that autumn also poses some risks that can affect the quality of your indoor air?

Poor indoor air quality poses a variety of risks to your health and personal comfort, and especially during the fall. Keep reading to find out what common indoor air quality problems occur in the fall so that you can look out for the health of you and your loved ones.

High Humidity Levels

The Toronto area is no stranger to high humidity levels because its summers are known for bringing hot and sticky weather. When the fall arrives with cooler temperatures, this doesn’t mean that humidity levels drop. In fact, a house cooling down after a season of hot and humid weather is full of humidity. Even outdoors, autumn weather features a lot of humid weather approaching a humidity close to 100%. The ideal level of humidity inside the home is around 50%. Any higher and your indoor area will feel sticky, furniture and bed sheets will feel damp, and breathing may become more difficult for some. 

If humidity doesn’t bother you, it still isn’t a good thing to have too much of it in the home. Excessive humidity indoors can create the perfect environment for bacteria and mould to take hold and grow. Mould causes many issues, the most serious being respiratory issues over time if not taken care of quickly and properly.

There are several actions you can take in your home in order to keep humidity levels in check. The first is always turning on your exhaust fans whenever you cook on your stovetop or take a shower. Another solution is to run your air conditioner because part of its function is to actually remove moisture from the air. Another small change you can make is drying your clothes outdoors instead of inside. 

If you are experiencing incredibly high humidity in the home, and you notice that you do every year, consider installing a whole-home dehumidifier. These work with your HVAC system in order to manage healthy humidity levels. 

Airborne Contaminants

Airborne contaminants can include anything from gases to vapors, or particulate matter like dust, fumes and mists, which are dispersed throughout the air as solid particles. In the fall, these particles can come from fungi or bacteria that grow during this season. 

If your home is fitted with an HVAC system, it can act as a powerful barrier protecting you against airborne contaminants. The air filter found in your HVAC system is able to remove larger particles, contaminants and pollution from the air before they get into your home. 

While the HVAC’s air filtration system is meant to protect itself, you can extend its ability to your home by purchasing a high-quality air filter. Filters that feature pleats are typically the best option when you want to trap particles that aggravate your family’s asthma or trigger allergies. 

No matter what type of filter you go for, make sure that you change it on a regular basis. Most professionals will recommend replacing your air filter every two to three months or more frequently if you use your HVAC system a lot.

If you find that your HVAC system’s air filter is not strong enough to completely clean out pollutants from your indoor air, then consider getting a whole-home air purifier. These units will link up with your HVAC system and work in tandem, which will provide you with more powerful air-cleaning potential. In addition, installing an air purifying system can also help improve the longevity of your HVAC system because it will remove more harmful particles like mould, pollen and pet dander from the air.

Fluctuating Temperatures

Autumn is known for its unpredictable weather as we transition from hot to cold. Most of the time, we experience freezing mornings that turn into warm afternoons and back to cold again in the evening. This fluctuation in temperature can cause difficulty in predicting the weather and knowing what to set your thermostat to. You might be needing to switch between heating and cooling from morning to afternoon. Doing so might overwork your HVAC system, which leads to poor performance and, ultimately, poor indoor air quality. 

One thing that can help you with this is getting a smart thermostat installed. Most of these devices will allow you to pre-program them for a variety of temperatures throughout the day. They are also Wi-Fi enabled, so they are able to check the weather report and adjust independently from you. Many smart thermostats are also able to switch between cooling and heating in order to keep you and your family comfortable and safe. 

Insufficient Air Circulation

Bad air circulation is the result of many factors; for example, one reason is that your HVAC system is not the appropriate size for your home. Poor air circulation means that there are some areas of your home that do not receive fresh air. Because of this, allergens and pollutants are able to settle and grow in those areas. 

If you suffer from poor indoor air quality year after year, be sure to try any of the solutions listed above so that you and your family can finally get the relief that they need this year.

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Colin Hegarty is a content writer for BreezeMaxWeb that helps businesses showcase their brand through enticing copy. When he’s not working, you can find him playing net in a local beer league or biking around the city. 

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