Whether your car isn’t starting or you’re performing preventative maintenance on your vehicle, shop for the best car batteries online or at a trusted auto parts store. There are a wide range of battery brands, styles and warranty lengths, so it can be difficult to determine the best type for your situation. Use these features and online customer reviews to arrive at the best product for your vehicle.

Start by checking out the type of battery that fits your vehicle. It doesn’t do you any good to review the latest battery styles if they aren’t compatible with your vehicle. A free online VIN lookup tool is a great way to know what type of battery your car needs.

Once you’ve narrowed your search, compare batteries based on warranty length, cold-cranking amps and customer ratings. These features will give you a clear idea of the most popular, high-performance battery for your vehicle. See if your vehicle is rated to accept an absorbed glass mat battery, as these tend to have higher performance ratings.

What the Best Car Battery Chargers Are

Even the best automotive battery can’t continue to power your electronic devices forever. When you leave your headlights on or have an issue with your alternator, it’s time to pick up a car battery charger. These devices also boast a wide range of shapes, sizes and performance features, so shop considering the following features:

  • Amp rating
  • Power source
  • Available settings and features

The amp rating describes the amount of power your charger can provide in an hour. A six amp charger, therefore, can deliver six amps of power in an hour to your battery. A 50-amp battery is going to take some time to fully charge with this type of charger, so you may want to consider a higher amp rating. Remember that your alternator recharges your battery with a high amp output, so you may not need to fully recharge your battery to get your vehicle running again.

Some chargers connect to a wall outlet, while others use a rechargeable battery for remote use. Battery-powered chargers are typically more expensive, but can be very convenient if you have a dead battery on the side of the road.

Charger setting options include trickle charge, quick jump, battery tester and even a converter to power your 120 volt products. Consider which features are helpful and which ones are unnecessary as you sort through charger options.

Why You Need a Car Battery Charger

Add a battery charger to your auto emergency kit to prepare for any situation. Chargers typically only necessary if you accidentally leave electronics on with your engine off. Other situations include a defective alternator or a battery put in long-term storage.

Use a VIN number lookup tool today to compare battery and charger options for your specific vehicle. Ask questions online or at your favorite nearby auto parts store to find the answers you need. Recycle your old battery and replace it with a highly rated option today, then consider adding a charger to your emergency kit to help avoid an unsafe or inconvenient situation.

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